Since 1998, many people have helped the restoration effort of the Towanda 66 Linear Parkway. Below are some of the individuals that have donated their time, effort, or money.

Many trees and shrubs have been donated by individuals in memory of loved ones. Greider’s Landscaping has also donated and planted trees, and gave discounts on trees and shrubs.

The State of Illinois and the Village of Towanda provided top soil for the several gardens that have been designed, planted, and maintained by the hard work of Mary and Lyle Merritt, Carol and Rick Myers, Rod Merritt, the Helen Guth family, Annette Hancock, Mary Lou and Jerry Henderson, Dorothy Jones, Sherry and Steve Shipley, Towanda 4-H Club,  Towanda Elementary School 3rd grade classes taught by Jason Nourie, Fred and Fran Walk, and others.

Labor for digging, planting, pouring cement, putting up split rail fences, building a bridge and building benches was provided by many, among them: Parke Gillan, Louie Blank, Brian Myers, Carol and Rick Myers, Larry Meyer, Jim Larson, Terry Strange, Curt Ronnekamp, Denny Redick,  Ralph Gibson, Bob and Annette Hancock, Mike Cunningham, Bill Priess, Pete Spencer, Mike Thomas, Jim Arteman, Bob King, Don and Mary Rutherford, Jack Buss,  and Fred Walk. Luke Troyer built bird houses. Indian Creek resident Brant Kaufman’s Eagle Scout project entailed building a pavilion with a covered picnic table. Brenton Bittner, also of Indian Creek, took on completion of his Eagle Scout project by doing landscape work near the preserved bridge over Money Creek.  Bob Kauffman along with his fellow Scouts completed his Eagle Scout project by consructing and putting up Route 66 signs at both ends of the Parkway, planted trees, and doing additional landscape work.  Mike Kemp constructed a set of Burma Shave Signs that have been placed along the roadway. Many other individuals have contributed their time and labor in developing the parkway.

Murals depicting each of the eight states along 66’ were designed and painted by Kim Rutledge, Sarah Smith, Chrissy Graeff, and many other individuals.

Three flag poles fly the U. S. flag, the Illinois state flag, and a flag for the village of Towanda, developed specifically for this project. Towanda Elementary School 6th grade teacher Alison Darding Hampton, one of Fred’s former students, had her students each design a flag. The Towandas Village Board selected the flag to be flown over Route 66. The winning design was by Christine Hogan, daughter of Jim and Vicki Hogan.

Grass along the roadway is mowed and maintained by Don and Mary Rutherford, Dan Fredrickson, Rick Myers, and the Village of Towanda maintenance personnel.

Money to support this project has came from teaching awards given to Fred Walk by State Farm Insurance Company and grants from Beyond the Books Educational Foundation, Corn Belt Electric (with the help of Arielle and Cindy Singley), and the National Geographic Society, and many contributions by local clubs, businesses, and organizations.

Additions and improvements to the linear park continue to this day , and will undoubtedly continue for many years to come.