Restoration Efforts

Since the start of the parkway restoration in 1998 much work has been accomplished to turn old Route 66 into a Geographical Journey.


Landscaping enhancements to the parkway include a garden at the entrance of the park, a bridge, rebuilt sidewalks, as well as planted trees and small gardens along the length of the restored parkway.

Educational Enhancements

Taking a stroll along the parkway is also a learning experience. Scattered along the length of the 2 1/2 mile walk, are historical placards pointing out landmarks, and providing additional information about that landmark. As you walk southwest along the parkway, you will also see large murals with a depiction of the eight states that the Mother Road passed through. Each mural contains a box with informational brochures containing information on landmarks and the history of Route 66 in that state. Be sure to keep your eyes on the ground as well, as you may find yourself in the middle of our interactive map, painted right onto the road itself, that depicts the entire route of the highway.

If you’re driving by the parkway, you may also notice our Burma Shave signs. These signs are replicas of real signs seen along the entire length of the old highway. Manufacturers used to advertise their products in this manner frequently along Old Route 66.