Special Thanks

Since 1998, numerous individuals, civic organizations, businesses, and institutions have made it possible to restore a 3½-mile section of Old Route 66 located in Towanda, Illinois.  Due to their efforts and resources, the Towanda, Illinois Route 66 Parkway was created.  Our Parkway was made possible due to the collaborative efforts of these entities and the hard work and dedication of hundreds of people over the years.   This has resulted in the preservation of a historic piece of Route 66 that has impacted the lives of so many since its inception if 1926.  Our educational and recreational Parkway has been experienced and enjoyed by thousands of individuals from the Towanda community, state of Illinois, the United States, and the world.   They have learned not only about the human activity along this stretch of Route 66, but how the entire Mother Road was instrumental in the development of our nation and has become a piece of Americana.  The Towanda, Illinois Route 66 Parkway is a major attraction that has evolved over the years due to the commitment and generosity of numerous individuals and through the financial support of various businesses and organizations.  Additions and improvements to the Towanda, Illinois Route 66 Parkway continue to this day for all those visiting our stretch of Old Route 66.


Thank you to everyone who has contributed to making our Parkway a major attraction for Central Illinois and a major asset for the Towanda, Illinois community.